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About Us.

VSing, also known as "吾聲" in Chinese, is one of the active a cappella vocal groups in the local pop music scene in Hong Kong. It was formed by professional musicians in 2017 and has been bringing vibrant, fresh, and high-quality a cappella music to Hong Kong. The name "吾聲" emphasizes the characteristic of a cappella music, using only human voices to explore the possibilities of creating music.


VSing excels in adapting popular songs and gained popularity among internet users with their "1-Take. No Edits" video series, which features live audio and video recordings without any editing. They have received attention from the media and online platforms. In 2018, they were selected as the "Featured Performers" for July at 1563 at the East, and in the same year, they won a gold award at the Taiwan International Arts Choral Festival: World Cup Modern A Cappella Competition.


VSing frequently participates in various performances and has been invited to perform at events such as "Jason Chan's 2018 Not Alone Live Concert" and the 2022 "Roman Tam's 20th Anniversary Memorial Concert." They have also collaborated with artists such as Janice Vidal, Hins Cheung, RubberBand, Vicky Fung, Kaho Hung, Manson Cheung, and jazz musician Patrick Lui. In January 2020, VSing was invited by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department to co-organize a large-scale concert called "Take a Bow: A Cappella" with another a cappella group, Boonfaysau, at Kwai Tsing Theatre, which was a full house.


VSing has performed overseas and in mainland China on multiple occasions. In early 2018, they were invited to perform on the Guangzhou Spring Festival program titled "合府統請歡樂年" by Guangzhou Broadcasting Television. In early 2020, they were invited by the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office to perform in eight European cities as representatives of Hong Kong. In 2021, they represented Hong Kong in the "Hong Kong Week 2021@Guangzhou" organized by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department and recorded "HKPOP 2.021" with Chiu Tsang Hei and the Vicky Fung team. In the same year, they also represented Hong Kong in the "2021 Beijing A Cappella National TV Invitational Exhibition and the Third Beijing Musicians Association A Cappella National Invitational Exhibition" and the "Bay Area 雲和聲Shenzhen-Hong Kong-Macao A Cappella Elite Exchange Art Week / 2021 First Shenzhen A Cappella Concert." In 2022, they were invited to perform as representatives of Hong Kong at the International Society for the Performing Arts (ISPA) conference.


In addition to their performances, VSing has also performed for various brands and organizations, including Cartier, Nu Skin, Facebook, Marie Claire, Swire, K11 Musea, and Hong Kong International Airport.


In September 2020, VSing released their original song and music video titled "Hear My Voice," which received positive reviews and made it onto the local charts. VSing was also nominated for the CHILLCLUB Recommended List 20/21 as one of the new artists and was invited to perform on TVB, ViuTV, and ATV. In 2022, they released another original song and music video titled "Hear Me Out," which stayed on the local charts for three consecutive weeks and was nominated for "Best Original Song" at the Contemporary A Cappella Recording Awards by CASA (The Contemporary A Cappella Society). In 2023, VSing released two more original songs and music videos, "我要得到很多" and "Sel-Fish," which once again made it onto the local charts, and they were invited to perform at Metro Broadcast’s "Metro Info 15th Anniversary Concert Music Fantasia." VSing was also nominated for the CHILLCLUB Recommended List 22/23 as an outstanding group. In 2024, VSing was once again nominated for the CASA music awards, the "2024 A Cappella Video Awards," receiving four nominations, including "Best Video by a Professional Group" and "Best Hip-Hop / R&B Video."


In 2023, Apollo Music received funding from the Culture, Sports, and Tourism Bureau’s Arts Capacity Development Funding Scheme to launch a two-year a cappella project called "SOUND ON," which includes four major components to be held from 2023 to 2024. Hosted by VSing, the aim is to provide high-quality and diverse a cappella music experiences for local audiences and offer opportunities for the public interested in professional a cappella to enjoy live performances and interact with international groups, thereby establishing a new milestone for the development of local a cappella arts.



Sharon Lee - Soprano

Anna Lo - Alto & Music Director

Vincent Cheung - Tenor

Bernard Chan - Baritone

Ma Hin Ying - Bass

Justin Lau - Vocal Percussion

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